You Were Born

You Were Born Revised                                                                   Emily Kell 2012



You were born from

The shudder of an orgasm

Bliss conceived you as you came from one darkness to the sweet next

You were born, innocent and slippery

round and unashamed

A perfect avocado seed of a woman,

All that you knew was love.

You were soft

from the down feathers of your black hair

To the water that ran through you,


And soon would learn

That people love

To shit in soft places.

They couldn’t understand how your umbilical chord was in tact,

How you were still tethered to sweetness.


You were born

And given everything,

And spent years in the milky fog of that guilt guilded gift

Punishing yourself

A little bit each day

you would open your eyes under water,

open pandora’s


relish the chlorine.

you need to turn your mew into a roar

you need to sharpen your baby teeth

and learn that not everyone

is a hugger.

you need to build a burlap skin against the tyranny of dull minds


you are flowering

you need to tell your sweet rolls,


that you love them.

Remember the white plastic ward

With its knobs and sobs

Of machinery

The way the ocean remembers the storm.


it is okay to be soft now,

it is okay to be beautiful.

You can scream and bleed and smile.

You are your own mother.

Circumpunt of sweetness

The parentheses of your hips are wide to hold

The pregnant thoughts within them.

You were born


And no one can take that away from you.