You Will Go On A Great Journey

I rolled past honey drenched hills

And fields sewn of golden soma

Under windows of the sky,

Beneath her eye,

I always wandered.


Unspooling golden twine,

My wound-up spooled spine-

Unwinding in its time.

(always I wandered).

Between great wheels with ivory arms, holding up the sky

I swam down rivers and snakes of tar, always beneath her eye.

Against the coast, I tasted ocean brine,

Sneaking like a small dream

Between these lips of mine….


I lost my train of thought

And fought the tears I sought

Between lost mounds

With tales of death


(their flowers spoke of resurrection.)



I rolled past painted signs with half dead faces pointing me in all directions.

Bold gods of many millennia frowned, sienna and umber up from the ground, their regal chins jutting into child-bearing towns,

And when I gave them my tears, they gave me the sound of the stream, crystalline, gurgling up from the mound.


(Everything is a cycle, child.)


between sties and silos,

scythe’s and halos

I swam wildly

Winding golden twine into a great hawthorn nest.


I hooked my heart and beat my breast


Great birds with hooked beaks gazed down and eyed me with mild fascination as I drove myself like a stake, into some heart-somewhere.


I wound up and down taffy hills, and rolled through cotton candy sunsets.


I tarried down juniper-lined streets and rocky high roads,


My eyes scanned for something unknown.


I always wandered.


I found myself in books and nooks off beaten trails

In rocks and rails

I lost my sails and all my screws

My honey too,

(my honey too).


I burnt the map and drank the sap


I followed the visions.


I lost myself.



I always wandered.



I tore down all the golden thread, let loose the ropes that held my head


I sat beneath a good wide tree and silently, found me.


No sign could point me to this place,


No twine can decorate my face.


I salvaged fallen stars and golden grace.


I hollered up at empty space


And wandered where no one could see.


Beneath her twinkling eye,


And her lips of lullaby,


I read the book of me.