We Are Praying


Was a babe

Blinking, spinning

Tumbling out

The soft machine of skin

Gave way to me

Again, again


I was a babe

Not knowing the course teeth of womanhood

Of course

Not knowing

The delicate balance of being and showing

Of grounding and growing


I was a babe and unafraid

My only point of reference was sweet love

No words plotted to box in my existence

To limit my reverence

To create a fate for me


It is late now but I see

That there’s still that babe in me

The round pewter and cream

The tarnished varnish of the dream

The drizzle splash and gleam

The soul that lives between

The skin,

the bones,

the dreams;


The most authentic bit of me

The ends that justify my means.

It is dark now, the veil is thin and I can see

The immortality in me.

The rounds from ground to sky to earth

The mound, to spirit, back to birth.

Nature, in her immortal beauty, reclaims your breath

Again and again

You return

You reach a pinnacle:

A life that burns

With purpose


You are newborn and anointed by the milk of stars

I am newborn, I am space worn

We are wartorn and this world is ours.


I am a child born in bones and skin

I am a child of stardust virtues and of earthly sins

And one of many

Scrying for stars in my tealeafs

Screaming out between the lines of injustice and corruption

Dreaming out between the minds of lust and trust and loving

Screaming and crying

Dreaming and scrying

Learning how to live between the birthing and the dying

Learning how to take the wake standing, sitting, lying



how to breath



Coming up for air and breathing stars and musk,

Between the cycling dawn and dusk.


This is me and I am

one of many.


we are the warriors of the new dawn

we are praying to keep moving on

we are praying for disclosure

we are praying for change

we are praying to remember

the wisdom of our ancestors

our prayers burn the world like embers

and open up the ancient eyes of earth

this fire turns the land and offers up rebirth

our people are the hopeful menders

the fire tenders

our people are moon people

our people are bone people

our people are sun people

our people are stone people

our people are lying in the grass of self discovery

whispering prayers into the creases of each other’s palms

our people have strong hands that are lined in secret psalms

our people are a strong people to inherit the earth with all her bounty joy and pain

and we are praying to ourselves and all those prayers gather like rain

we are praying for our health

we are praying to ascend

we are praying for salvation

for the hate and war to end

we are praying for creation

we have a tear which we must mend

we are praying for the means to be justified by the end

we are praying to the everything, which is woven in impossible oneness, and nevertheless,


We are praying to resurrect heaven on earth

Not for some, but for all

We are praying to the earth and to the moon and to the air

We are praying to each other to hold the light and take the stages

We are praying for our mothers, sisters, brothers,

For our lovers, for the witches, for the moon strung mages


We are not praying for some far off god to take a hand and mend the tear

We pray to the spark in each of us

To the thread that connects each spark

We are praying to tear down the curtains and light up the dark

To bring the babes, marching and dancing,

Scrying crying,

Snaking and prancing

Out of the dark ages and into the newborn light.


We are here to light a path

We are here to hold the door

We are here to stop waiting


We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.