True North


I was communing with the moon when you came to me

I was stagnant, and static, and stationary

I was lit up like noon

On the backs of the dunes

When the sky whispered “soon”

And it opened its mouth

And it spit you right out


And you slipped around me

Like a halo round my head

Like ripples round my ankles

Like the ring around the moon


You are god and I am god

Our darkness is nakedness of the sky

Our veins are painted in the stars

Our heartbeat is a passing car

And death


Is the only dark egg

That ever hatched birth

Here we are in orbit

In this strange universal church


And I know now was it is to be scared

The way I know a squared and be squared is c squared

The way I know sometimes you have to scream to whisper


Everything slips away.


Our days are empty pages

Tearing through celestial phases

We are the pulse of the asphalt.

And the question mark is our temple.


We are broken and duct taped and bruised

We are the cult of the confused


Here we wander bath and forth

Tracing the veins of our dog eared maps toward our own true north


And every once in awhile I look at you and remember that you are me and we are god


And our souls are little embers burning endlessly

In the vacuous heart beat of eternity

You are a tiny torn thread in the tapestry

And You are exactly as you should be.