They Came

They marched through biting cold and frozen mold with a halos of stars

strung right-round

the Sogging heads

they carried through the rain


Through the forest they came

Dancing through a thicket of stars

To tap their slender fingers up against my window pane


‘Til cracks spread like lace and spider web


Shadowing my face and tearing into my head


My window fell like icicles onto the forest floor


My face was naked

Cold and famous among the brush and all the nameless leaves


The slender fingers lingering, uncurled to me

My eyes were frozen shut but in the dark room of the nighttime I could see


The slender slice of moon bobbing; a buoy in the trees


The kiss of your lips and the swoon of your knees


Your opal eyes as you returned to me

With arms outstretched like galaxies.