The Trouble With Being A Sensitive Pleaidean Soul Bourn Into This Earth To Help Transform It

Oh moon and stars

Oh great mother mystery

Oh higher self, oh god in me

Why have you left me in this place

Dropped me from the sky

A round peg into a square hole

What will this disgraced land teach my ever living soul

And why could I not learn those things

Safely in your starry bossom

How can I blossom

With this concrete lid

Orchids never grow on the sidewalk

And I may never know how to talk the talk and walk the walk

I may never wax fierce and fit the mold and pick the lock

And I may never have that roar

That all my friends think I need

I may stay forever a

Meak green unsprouted seed

Beneath a burning sidewalk

I absorb each footfall

And people say hey little seed why don’t you scream

And bear your teeth

And scratch

And I say I’m a fucking seed I have no teeth


Why do I burn burn burn

And yearn for a home I can’t remember

Why do my words

Catch in my throat

Like dying bees

Or sizzling embers


Oh mother

Oh father

Oh People magazine

And vogue

Why have you taught me to be mild and meak

I’m going rogue

I’ve got to speak or ill explode

There’s hatred in the water

They put fluoride in your dreams

There is poison in the medicine

There is runoff in the streams

There’s commercial propaganda splenda spam wam bam thank you ma’am chemotherapy media mcdonalds bullshit


There is Misunderstanding.


Misinformation spreads like oil over the masses

There is a big bleeding hurricane of racism

That everyday, gets fed

The icebergs are melting

The rainforest’s dead

And everywhere

Republicans roam the earth


And I feel this


I feel all of these


From my little seed


Beneath the side walk


Now I’m sprouting

And you’re doubting

The substance of what I say

You stupid genius

With your fingers on the keys

And your insults up your sleeves

And your opinion


Come at me


A crack forms along my outer shell

I am sprouting

Leaves curling into fists

And ascending into this mockery of daylight

Come at me

Lets ascend together