The Last Goddess

Rise up fork tongued women

Rise up from the ashes of your lips

Rise up thick snake of hips

Rise up and slake yourselves on the beaches of abandonment

Rise up and shake yourselves at all the people

Here is the church and here is the steeple

Here is the goddess

Naked and feeble

And crumbling with strength

a marble statue missing both arms

But not the lips

And not the hips

The last pagan

The last good witch

The last matriarch

Her stories are faded but her naked is stark

And Yes, they’ll tell a story to spin her in

to the old testament but when the try to close the hard covers her hips just wont fit

She’ll be bubbling and bursting

The good book with tits

She’ll be speaking in tongues with her eyes little slits

And maybe then we’ll remove the goldspun wool from our eyes

And we’ll realize that ten billion lifes have been wasted and people have died

Because there’s no sin in nature and the patriarch lied


Rise up long lost goddess

Make way for your fits and fears

adorn your tits with ash and tears

Scream the scream ten thousand women have screamed over ten thousand years

Who are we

And why

Our tears our fears our death cries

Stretch around the earth

And circle back to birth


we are all dark temptresses

orchids and coy fish

forlorn and then some

with lilly guilded forked tongues

embrace your mistakes

embrace your long and tangled hair

the red red dirt beneath your toes

Scream to the moss

To the moon

To the crows

Rise up and be purged of original sin

Rise up and love the earthy topsy turvy tangled curvy container you’re in

Rise up moon mama

The last pagan

Rise up and follow the dream that you’re after

Rise up and scream til the scream becomes laughter