Silver Soul Surprise

Hold the bowl of your hips
mouthward, toward the moon

Howl out tenderness (Death is just a room)

Scrape stars from your lips
Sunrise: coming soon.

Dew drops drape your hips
Pull off your cocoon

give up your wolf kiss
To the fading night:
Perfect tender lips
Take up luscious light
Sky skims off the black,
Throws off starry shawl
moon lace at your back,
now you’re standing tall.

Stand up naked now:
Shake this world down right
ripple party-pray
At the fading night

Walk your own footsteps
String your own high-moon
Hold the dome of sky
read the sacred runes.

Thread the needle with this: liquid-love-desire.
Climb your homespun rope,
Let it take you higher.

Crawl back into this:
Wet earth,
mother dune:
whispering fierce and whole,
brown and bathed in moon.

Take your little home: breasts and teeth and bones
Bent armed praying tome
Slide slow back into
Womb-dune torn with tombs

Look death in her eyes;
darkness always looms

Find yourself within:
Body room
house of skin and hips
Tender temple boom
Soul that tears and rips;
Heart that calls and Blooms.