Prayer To No Thing ness


Prayer To No Thing Ness                                         Emily Kell 2012



Now sitting strangely on top of our own leathers

Scarcely breathing

For fear of falling off the moment


We found something out there,


And hung it in the attics of our skulls

And coddled it within our souls

Like a taxidermied buffalo


We found something out there more than our pelts or names

And mounted it on the monument where moment becomes place

Where you walk through the empty aqueducts of past to

Mourn the cold decay of time, of

Momentous moment


Where there was moon

And kinship among rocks

And the squirrels on the asphalt only slept and waited

To wake for the green dawn of wabi sabi.



We found something out there

Hung like an invisible question mark in the air

A belch of enlightened innocence

The sand blasted breeze to chisel us into ourselves,

We, who are really just fingers and toes of the great taxidermied buffalo but


We found something out there

And peeled the extra flesh away until we were all marrow and sinew

And golden

Everything is a great circle

And doused with dread and wonder


We found something out there

More than ourselves


All the world was eyes moving under lids

And our flesh was not afraid because it fell onto the moment

And groped and loved

And fell to feeling

To forget itself

And understand its creamy vessel

Crawling back into the garden

To move, pink and innocent

Over the great sphere of no thing ness