Prayer To Mother Isis

Dance with me

O sacred one

I will make an altar of the souls of my feet

And slice open the web of silence


Dance with me

O ancient one

I will hold the space for all the fallen stars

To crawl out of the mud and hug open the bright new dawn


Dance with me

Oh mother moon

I will fashion a drum of my heart


Dance with me

Oh, fill my womb

With sacred beats

And untold wings.


Let all the ravens unfold across my sun-bleached bones


Let all the cats stretch out across my soul.


Mark me, scathe me, make me whole


Let us catch all the tears in the sacred bowl,

And offer them up to the center


Queen ISIS I evoke you


Rub the mud from the mirror

Take us home to the shared soul

Where we will see clearer

We will dance the story untold

And make right the ripe unfolding.

We will Tether back the great umbilicus

And sing the song of remembrance.


We will feed the field of golden fruit again.

We will flow and we will ebb

The stars will fall into the web

We offer up our holy hands and the salt from our eyes

The story never ends

And the ink never dries /////