Freely my soul


I called out across the echoing fractal cracks of myriad deserts

I called out to the wind

To blow me to my True Path

I called out to my feet

To show me the way.

I called out to emptiness,

To richness,

To nothingness,

to awaken the vines in the path of my spirit


I called out to my shadow self with her blade in hand, to clear it

I called out to the night

To sew fields of shadow that bear seeds of light

To carry me home in the basket of her cradle

Across the moonlit sky


When I was a babe in the celestial diamond’s eye

all that I knew was this magnetic ocean of love

And I was a dew drop sliding back in from above

With no expectations

I was not the pigments of my skin

I was not the shape of my flesh

I was just a scratch of ink on the parchment of forever

In the myriad books of bones and stones

Buried in the molten hearth of our mother earth


And all the words were written by the same hand.

And all our lives were momentary lines rippled in the desert sand

And the wind swept the sand to the plains

But the grains remained the same

And the ripples melted away

But the space they held would stay


All the moments were spoken in the language of stones

And when I hear the stars murmuring through my bones

Freely, my soul

Chooses to go home.