Fly Away, An Ode To Shadows

The moon’s white eyes see everything

She smiles silverly down on miles of darkened green.

(Sometimes I think the night is even darker than what we can see)

sometimes (I think) the light gets lost for years before it sees the sea

Sometimes I find lost patches of the gray and black, like glass in me.

I stare up to the dome of sky, I offer up a salty cry, I lick lost lips, kiss fingertips.

And find my broken home within.

I curse the night and nurse my hips

I clutch the wheel and glance at cold eternity

She stares her silver eyes right back at me-

The mirrored ceiling of the sky is laughing and bending,

It watches firey tears and lovers lie, as all-everything unravels, to coil back to One.


I travel up a lonely mountain, I fill my cup up with the sun

I shout up to the emptiness

And lay down my lost tongue

I find the first foot on the ladder

And I start to climb the rungs


The veil is lifted


sand is sifted


The sea is gifted to the ground now.


I am lost and I am found now.


I belong to the sea glass,

Scraping itself smooth

On the ocean floor.

I belong to the sand dunes and

To the fire at the core


I belong to twisted grace and this place could never hold my space for long.

In haste,

I untie all my prayers and untether my blessings

I pray my soul up to the air and spread out in all directions

I float all up, up and away, and they never find a body

I peak through rain clouds in the day

And cherry pick through star clusters in the darkey-dark.

My teeth are stars strung across the ceiling

I sew the lights, the blackness healing.

The sky’s a lavish tapestry sewn up with all the threads of me.


((There’s a side of empty that you never see))

And there’s a pitch black-black within the sun (the darkey-dark of everyone).



It sinks: everything.


The sun and the moon go their different ways now,

And suddenly, there’s no one here.

But the women’s wombs are here to stay now


And the earth is pregnant with seeds.