Dear Human

Dear Human,

You will get a heart. It will be made of butterflies and barbed wire.

And earth and moon and sky and break ups and forget me not’s and the little bell of Babies cries and tiny moments and golden eyelashes lacing the lids of your first Love’s moon blue eyes


It will bleed and break and mend

And send you over heaven’s fence


It will tear your fucking world apart.


You will hold up the carnage of your heart in your hands and think how you can never love again

But those moments will wane away and in time, your feet will find you at a door

The door will unlock a room in your heart that you’ve never seen before


In the room there is a box with a primordial spark

And it never goes out

This light never goes out


Dear human,

This is what being human is all about

We crash into each other like bits of flint

The heart sparks and burns and lights again


Dear human


Wander off the middle path

Decompose your composure

Squander your security until your left empty with only eternity and a map in secret language


Dive into this

Naked, head first

No toes in the water

This life is meant to be lived


Dive into this

Write the story of your life in dew drops, tears, in blood and kisses

Dance in moonlight in the margins

Grab somebody’s holding hand and waltz right off the page

Hook your heart around the moon and lean into her gaze




When you look up at the stars you are watching ancient light

And those same stars that illuminate your sweet hands in the night

Course coolly through your veins

And blink bright out of your skull

There is a lullaby in the hull of your heart that only you can tell

And there is a darkness in your heart that’s dark as dark

And that is just as well

There’s a box that you can make in life; your own special hell

But there are boundaries you can break in life and places you can dwell

Where each breath sits up resoundingly astounding me as well


So gasp



Wipe your snot on your sleeve

Fuck and bumble

Sing and rumble

Pound a drum



Every hue of you

Each facet

Is alive

In this universal hive

We’re all swimming through the spark plug moon dew sky

Honey drenched and dripping

The whole place vibrating and rippling

We were running; now we’re tripping

We were gulping, now we’re sipping

We both drank the drink that dreamers brew

From sip to sip

From moon to you

We are crossing this ocean from lip to lip

One way or another

I hope this trip

Brings us close to each other


Just as close as we could be

When I am you and you are me and we



Are made of songs and light

We are made of sound and sight

We are logic, love and fright

We are magic, data, heartbeats and heartbreaks

We are Meta, moon, sun and might

We are tarnished burnt and bright


Dearest one

Throw down your heart and let loose this light