Artist Statement

artist statement

My work celebrates mysticism, ancient cultures, and the divine feminine. It is intended to be meditative and thought provoking to the viewer. I would like to reflect the interconnectivity of all living things and to imbue the work with a sense of primordial remembrance. My paintings aim to illustrate the ideal of unity beyond any degree of separation and to expose us as One. My work explores the multi-faceted beauty, power, and mystery of nature, and, in particular, it explores these aspects of womankind. Within this work, I strive to overcome restrictive modern concepts of female beauty, and to empower the women featured in the artwork to claim their own beauty and strength. Through my artwork, I explore the spiritual journey of the human family as seen through my eyes. Many of my paintings are very intimate and they express the relationship of humanity to the sacred mysteries, divinity, and source. Through paint and brush, I channel the persistence of love that makes all life possible.

My work pays homage to the archetypal ancient Goddess, and a return to the knowledge that She represents. Using myself and the women in my life as inspiration and as models, I create works that are intended to speak to the entire human family, but also have a personal and intimate element to them. Much of my own personal journey is revealed through my poetry, which is written in a secret language throughout the work. These paintings serve as talismans to initiate the viewer with the greater sources of knowledge and the freedom I perceive within that knowledge, and to visually express these things through conceptual representations of archetypes, and through sacred projections of collective healing. My art aims to articulate a sense of awe and beauty, and to ask all of the important questions, with an understanding that the answers are infinite.