Emily Kell - Artist

Artist Biography

Emily Kell was born in Alexandria, Virginia and has been making art for as long as she can remember. She studied painting and writing at SCAD Savannah. Since then, she has been on the road showcasing her art at music festivals, art bazaars, and gallery shows. Some of the places she has recently showcased her work at include Gratifly Music and Arts Festival, Rootwire Music and Arts Festival, Burning Man, Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival, Alex Grey Visionary Arts Fair, ASOVA visionary arts Bazaar, Alex Grey’s Solstice festival at Cosm, CAVA’s Emerging Light showcase and Art Outside. She is based out of Savannah but spends most of her time traveling and live painting at festivals. Emily saturates her life with creativity, which can come in the form of painting, writing, clothing design or hula hooping, among other things. Her intention is to spread love and awareness through her artwork, and to be one tiny expression of the ineffable joy of life. Through paint and brush, she aims to channel the human experience, the spiritual experience, and the spectrum that bridges the two. Her main focus is currently centered around creating work that serves as a voice to the divine feminine and as meditations and revelations to the viewer.

Artist Statement

artist statement
My work embraces mysticism, ancient cultures, and feminism. It is intended to be meditative and thought provoking to the viewer. Every shape and pattern is created with meticulous thought and meaning behind it and the work is as symbolic as it is aesthetic. I would like to reflect the inter-connectivity of all living things, both scientifically and spiritually, through the prism of duality that is inherent to humanity. My paintings aim to illustrate the ideal of unity beyond any degree of separation and to expose us as One. Through paint and brush, I channel the balance of male and female, left and right, and, above all, the persistence of love that makes all life possible.

I imbue my paintings with a sense of tribal value and feminism, while counterbalancing the softer side of spirituality with geometrical figures depicting fundamental forms of space and time. The paintings serve as talismans to initiate the viewer with the greater sources of knowledge and the freedom I perceive within that knowledge, and to visually express these things through conceptual representations of collective unconscious. My art aims to articulate a sense of awe and beauty, and to ask all of those important questions, with an understanding that the answers are infinite.