Peru Mural!

Here are some pictures of my first mural outside of the US. It was part of a collaborative project with 20 artists from all over the world in which we each painted a mural on a building dedicated to Grandmother ayahuasca and the results were pretty magical. This mural was completed in five days from start to finish. Please click on the photo to see more pictures. IMG_1522IMG_1610 IMG_1547





Shamanic Technology Collaboration

Wow! I am so excited to share this with you. It’s a new song (and the opening track on the new album) by Shamanic Technology, featuring me reading my poetry. Check it out and feel free to share. Here is the link:

Third Eye Tapestries

I’ve been working with Third Eye Tapestries to make my artwork into tapestries. The results have been pretty cool! These are available for purchase on my website ( or theirs ( IMG_2078


I’m very happy and excited to announce that my painting ‘Cosmic Whispers’ (2013-14) is going to be on the cover of we’moon 2017! If you’re not familiar with we’moon yet, I highly recommend checking it out! It is an amazing publication featuring artwork by women all over the world♥ I am feeling hugely honored to have my artwork on the cover and two pieces printed inside, and I’m grateful for this great big global network of sisterhood.


redgirl, 6/21/15, 12:55 PM, 16C, 4150x8000 (830+0), 100%, Repro 1.8 v2,   1/8 s, R105.2, G36.0, B53.6


19 The Fool Card



Cosm Journal

Just got the newest Cosm journal in the mail! My painting The Alchemist is in there, along with countless masterpieces from artists all over the world. 

Moving soon!

I’m having a moving sale! Sometime in the next 6 months, I will be making a big move. Im not sure where or when exactly, I’m just putting out my intentions and hoping that I will magically find the right place. In the meantime, I am marking down many of my original paintings in an effort to lighten my load and find them new homes before I move. If you’re interested, please visit my etsy store or send me a message. Thanks! DSCN2409