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For many years, I have practiced healing through reiki with reiki practitioners. Recently, reiki came into my life full force in the form of a great woman and new friend, Kerri Starkey who practices reiki and other forms of healing at her headquarters, Whole Health and Inner Balance in Richmond Hill, GA. Kerri was shown my artwork by a friend and ended up decorating her entire reiki studio with it. We have been trading Reiki for artwork for several months now and, just yesterday, she did my attunement (spiritual initiation into the world of reiki practitioner) and I am now a reiki-master-in-training. It is so wonderful and rewarding to have my artwork take me down new and exciting paths. I really enjoyed this article because it talks about reiki beginning to be accepted in more main- stream medical practices. I hope that this phenomena will continue to occur and grow. Enjoy the article! Here is a link to Kerriā€™s reiki studio.