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This article was a great and inspiring read. It summarized the retreat honoring the divine feminine at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirror. The author said a lot of things that rang true to me and seemed to mirror the intersection I am approaching on my path in life. One thing, she said in particular, really hit home with me.

“I allowed myself to stop thinking as an observer. I let go. I let myself acknowledge the things that hold me back. Some of them real, some imagined. So many of us are afraid to follow our passions in life, but passion is the essence of being.

“The cocoon is the dark part,” said Hill. “Anywhere we are disconnected from our whole selves, we are bringing that disconnect into the world. I had thought that darkness and mystery should be repressed, but we learn from the darkness. We emerge like a butterfly; light is brought forth from the darkness. It is all one.”

As I emerge from the cocoon of college life and into the professional art world, I will keep these insights in mind.