What is the Thing that calls you through night?
Your soul will never rest
Until you drink it’s light.
this space is carved for you out of First Mother’s bone.
The symbols are steepled and written in stone.
purple where the heart of an animal beat
Now Lost to dust-rhythm, your starcrusted feet
Call you back into the heart-temple-home.
Return to the path
Reopen the tome
Unravel your wrath
And the books in your bones.

Pluck through thickets of stars
And through deep-needled trees
With your arms outstretched like galaxies.
Take up your scepter
fall to your knees
Be humbled again by your own destiny.
Return to the path
Drink deep of the tea.
and found at sea. ((The honey held sky
The new eyes to see.))
The beat
The pulse
Returns to me.