Before I coiled into this body
And fell onto the earth,
I was buoyed by a sack of stars
Afloat between my death and birth.
my spirit was a timetorn milk…
the sky was black and folded silk…
I trickled from one dark room to the sweet next, ((Dancing))
From deep sweet musky mystery to the beating drum of breast… .((Alive)).
I cross the threshold into this place of terrible beauty,
And I forget the sharp eternity of my own name.
Everything is gorgeous pain,
And Still my soul remains the same.
As I grow and shed and dance and grieve
The Night
Is my reprieve.
As my skin moves into beautiful decay
alight in my eternity,
All this sameness stays.

When I die
May I unyoke myself
And slip off this tight shoe
may my soul dance up and bloom away,
and my memories fade to blue.
Still, may all my sameness stay
may all be me;
May we be you.